Kelby’s Kids

With a patient getting an IVWith a patient getting an IV
With a Maternity Patient and her new twin babiesWith a Maternity Patient and her new twin babies
With a sick babyWith a sick baby

The Andrea Miller Foundation supports Kelby’s Kids. Kelby is an American medical doctor working in Haiti, providing medical service and support to very needy and sick children who often need immediate medical attention and care.

Kelby’s focus is with kids and expectant mothers but he cares for everyone who comes.  Things in Haiti seem to get more difficult every day.  People struggle to eat every day so medical care is out of the question for most.  Kelby's Kids provides free medical care as well as the the hope of the gospel.

Kelby reminds us all, “Together we’re bringing hope and healing to so many! And, together, we’re witnessing miracles!”